The Studio – Oil Painting


An oil paintng of Liam Mangans’ studio.

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The Studio – Oil Painting on canvas is a painting by artist Liam Mangans, it shows his studio space. The light from the window lights up The Studio – Oil Painting and shows the environment where Liam works.  The painting uses a limited palette of colours and because of this it creates the peaceful atmosphere of his studio. Liam frames his own paintings as a result of the skills he learnt in the building trade.

Liam Mangan lives near Adare, Co. Limerick and discovered the world of painting on his retirement from the building trade. He devoted a lot of his time on the precision, composition and attention to detail needed in the construction of buildings and now delights in depicting more innocent simple structures in his Irish landscapes.

Liam loves working with colour and has a keen eye for capturing the essence of our unique Irish skyline.

Dimensions 25.5 ins wide x 33 ins high (65 x 84 cm )

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