Watercolour of Purple Vetch


This Watercolour of Purple Vetch shows one of our native wild flowers



This Watercolour of Purple Vetch shows one of our native wild flowers. This wild flower is small and delicate, because of this it provides inspiration for delicate knitwear designs. In this Watercolour of Purple Vetch the picture shows a variety of shapes in the leaves and flowers. Watercolour allows Lucy to achieve delicate drawings and so build depth and detail into the painting

Our garden at our thatched cottage shop in Adare has a wide array of flowers, including wild flowers. Lucy plants and grows these flowers to provide inspiration in colour and shape for her knitted designs. In addition, painting them allows her to study the forms and colour combinations.

Lucy is a knitwear designer and owner of our shop. She plants and tends our cottage garden. The flowers in our garden are a constant source of inspiration for Lucy’s knitwear designs. Part of the process of translating the flowers into inspiration is drawing the flowers. Firstly she draws each flower individually for form and texture. Secondly time she draws the combinations of flowers and leaves for layout and composition. In conclusion, this drawing process is an important part of the design process.

Double mounted with green inner border, these paintings are ready for framing.

Dimensions 8 x10 ins (20 x 25 cm)



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