Packets of Cerinthe Seeds


A packet of cerinthe seeds from our own garden.



We collect the seeds in our garden and save them in these Packets of our Cerinthe Seeds. These are natural seeds grown in our thatched cottage garden at our shop in Adare, Co. Limerick here in Ireland. These Packs of our Cerinthe Seeds are ready to plant in the spring of 2021.

The Cerinthe is a perennial flower and as a result will flower each year once it has established itself.  You can grow them in your own garden at home. They are easy to grow because you can sprinkle them onto the ground where you want them to grow.  Cover them with a light layer of soil or compost and give them a gentle watering.

Keep away from slugs and snails. Stop them from being blown over when they flower. They will self seed when they have finished flowering and the seeds will fall into the garden. In addition you can collect the seeds yourself when they are ready and plant somewhere else in your garden.

There are a few varieties of flowers here in this section.

These make a great gift for your gardener friends too.

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