Adare Collection of Textile Art Landscapes


As these pieces are all handmade, this gallery of images changes all the time as pieces are sold. To see my current designs please contact us and we will send you photos. If you have special request please let us know.


The Adare Collection of Textile Art Landscapes are created by Mary Liston, textile and fibre artist who is a native of Adare, Co. Limerick, Ireland and has lived there all her life.

She has combined her unique flair for colour combinations and her love of textiles to ‘paint’ with fibres, felt pictures depicting the Irish landscape and coastline.

Using traditional needle felting techniques, Mary uses the finest of Merino wools and silk threads to create wistful images truly evocative of Ireland.

Each handcrafted piece is inspired by Mary’s travels through Ireland and is a beautiful gift to bring home.

Her creative work has found its way to Australia, Guatemala, New Zealand and numerous states in the United States of America.

Mary offers 3 categories of pictures, Landscape, Seascape and Irish Cottage and we are showing you a selection of each as an indication of style in each category.

However as all Mary’s pieces are unique and highly sought after, please email to view the most current collection and we will send you photos.