Garden Diary for Feb 2021 – planting seeds

Garden Diary for Feb 2021 – planting seeds

Garden Diary for February

Jobs, Seeds and Tips for our Garden Diary for Feb 2021 with watercolours by Lucy Erridge.

A watercolour of Crocus Flowers  A watercolour of a Perriwinkle flower  A watercolour of minature narcissus

All the plants survived the freezing weather and are growing well, with some bulbs starting to flower. The crocus are making a stunning show under the tree and I will add bulbs here for next year. There are some baby narcissus flowering and the odd periwinkle. In fact a lot of my bulbs are quite scattered and I am making notes of where to add for next spring. I can’t fill the garden so I will just build up existing areas.

The weeds are flourishing and because the beds are full of plants I have to weed by hand which is slow. It is hard not to pull up seedlings of flowers I want to keep and digging isn’t an option. The plus side is that the beds are full of flowers and that in itself keeps out weeds during the summer.


My main work involves planting seeds for the summer – see below.

The weeds are appearing everywhere. Because I am not living there I can’t dash out whenever the weather is nice for ten minutes which would be the ideal. However the more I can pull out now the easier my summer will be.

I usually spread Chicken Pellet Manure in the beds in spring, usually just before it rains as that takes the smell away.


Watercolour painting of Sweat Pea  Sweet Pea Flowers

I am gathering together seeds that I want to start as soon as possible – apparently Sweet Peas can be planted early and will flower earlier so I am doing that now – I am getting out the trays and containers, washing them so that there are no bugs or slugs attached, and getting the compost ready. I need to look at the sustainable varieties of compost.

We collect our own seeds from our flowers – which we sell – you can see here https://lucyerridge.com/product-category/gifts/ in our online shop – many of these can be sprinkled around the garden during the year and will grow happily amongst the other plants.  Some I start off in trays so that I can place them in particular spots or pots. Our Poached Egg plants provide colour at a ground level and are loved by bees and insects, our poppies have height and grow up through the other plants well. The Hollyhock and the Everlasting Sweet Pea have great height. They all self seed and spread around the garden.

I want to add a few new flowers each year so I have chosen ‘Love in a mist’ which we have grown before and tolerate the dry areas. Aster which I grew two years ago which produced big plants with big flowers and last year were tiny and terrible – so third time lucky. Pheasants eye which is a good red colour and says it can be planted into the beds directly – always good for saving time!

We have lots of poppies already but I wanted to try Laurens grape and Shirley Double Mix just to see if they add anything to what we have now – I also live in hope that they might cross pollinate with our existing poppies and produce something interesting.



Choose seeds to add colour to existing beds and take the opportunity to try something new.

Buy some seed which can just be sprinkled in the ground and the flowers will intermingle with the existing flowers and create a rich and natural look.

Having some pots filled with flowers allows me to place the pots in areas of the garden which are lacking in colour – I can move them around during the summer.

Tall pots with tall flowers add height where ever I need it.

I have noticed that I hadn’t cleared away the winter debris enough and some of the small bulbs are struggling to show through the dead leaves and stems so a better winter clear up makes more sense now.

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