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Meet Lucy

Irish Craftsmanship

Lucy Erridge’s cottage in Adare is home to what she likes to call ‘Human Created Art’ – it’s a place where you can immerse yourself in fine craftsmanship and design excellence.

The cottage offers a warm welcome to all visitors and extends an invitation  to take time to enjoy the individuality of the artisan craft pieces and knitwear displayed.

‘Realizing the value of the handmade  helps us to re-define what beauty is in today’s world of supersonic speed and technology. I love the individuality of hand creation by designers, says Lucy – pieces that are not quite perfect and cannot be exactly reproduced. It’s really interesting to see the individual brush strokes of a painter or the trade mark stitches of a knitter.

Lucy is a textile designer who uses pattern and texture to  create depth with her knitwear designs, both in the quality and handle of fibres used and in the variety and warmth of colours selected.

Lucy has been designing her own knitwear collections for almost 35 years since attaining an MA in knitwear from the Royal College of Art (London). She is constantly inspired by Ireland’s flora and fauna, seascapes and landscapes.
‘For me building , creating and experimenting with new textiles, textures and patterns helps me feel  energized, content and in harmony with my surroundings, says Lucy and I enjoy the anticipation of seeing the final design’

Meet Alison

Alison trained in Art College in England and completed her post-graduate studies in Norway.
A previous member of the Embroiderers Guild, Alison is the author of 3 embroidery books and was also a founder member of the ‘62Group’ – a group of contemporary embroidery people who wanted to work and sell professionally.
Alison has worked and lived in Ireland since 1970, has previously been vice chairperson of the Crafts Council of Ireland, and chairman of the Irish Patchwork Society.
Alison has exhibited in Ireland, America, Heidelberg, Salzburg and Tokyo and is featured in the series ‘Hands’ by David Shaw Smith which is now included in the RTE archives.

Meet Mary

Mary Liston, textile and fibre artist is a native of Adare and has lived there all her life.

Mary has combined her unique flair for colour combinations and her love of textiles to paint with fibers, felt pictures depicting the Irish landscape and coastline.

Using traditional needle felting techniques, Mary uses the finest of Merino wools and silk threads to create wistful pictures evocative of Ireland past.
Each handcrafted piece is inspired by Mary’s travels through Ireland and is a beautiful gift to bring home.
Mary’s pictures have traveled to Montana, Guatemala, New Zealand and many states in America

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